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Pircher Partner Returns to Teaching at USC Gould for Spring 2020 Semester

January 2020

Pircher partner Danny Guggenheim has returned to USC Gould School of Law (USC Gould) as a Lecturer in Law for the Spring 2020 session of the Real Estate Joint Ventures course. The class will focus on joint ventures formed by institutional capital sources and local developers or operators, exploring the topic through review and discussion of hypothetical fact patterns and contract provisions. The Real Estate Joint Ventures course at USC was previously taught for several years by one of Danny’s mentors and a founder of Pircher, Phil Nichols.

Danny has been teaching with USC Gould since the Fall 2018 semester, when he was appointed as a Lecturer in Law to co-teach the Real Estate Law and Business course with Professor George Lefcoe in his final semester before retirement. The course was taught by Professor Lefcoe for several decades and is renowned for a syllabus filled with guest lectures and site visits involving prominent real estate professionals.

Following his semester of co-teaching, Danny returned to USC Gould several times over the last year to support the new offerings of the Real Estate Law and Business course and serve as a guest lecturer. Danny’s continued work at USC furthers his ongoing commitment to elevating the legal profession by teaching, mentoring and supporting the next generation of professionals.

Danny is a USC Gould alumnus and has served the USC Gould Alumni Association in various capacities, most recently on its Executive Committee as Chair of Regional Programs. He has remained an active member of the USC Gould community over the years with current and former roles as an alumni mentor and ambassador, law firm representative for the USC Law School Annual Fund & Law Firm Challenge and reunion committee co-chair. Danny has also been a coach and organizer for Pircher’s Real Estate Joint Venture Challenge at major universities, including USC.