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Leo Pircher speaks with Super Lawyers Magazine

Leo J. Pircher speaks with reporter Steve Knopper about practicing law from the 1950s to today.

Super Lawyers Magazine spoke with nine of the top LA attorneys about the state of the law between 1950 and 2015, and how they got started in their practice areas.

“There were very few large firms,” said Mr. Pircher.  “The largest firm at the time had only 40 lawyers with no branch offices.”

“I became involved in mergers and acquisitions,” Mr. Pircher added. “I was involved in a number of [Fairchild Camera and Instrument’s] acquisitions that became Silicon Valley. One of our first acquisitions was a group that formed Intel.” 

The full article was originally published in the 2016 Southern California edition of Super Lawyers Magazine, pages 38-43. Click here for the link to the article.